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Easier Homeowner Credit Compelling Wells Fargo: Mortgages


Slowly but surely, credit guidelines are making their move towards a more realistic point.

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Wall Street Home Price Appreciation Still Expected to Hit 7%


All real estate is local, and this rate of appreciation isn’t applicable to all, but you have to love that number!

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Are Buyers Too Afraid of Mortgage Rejection?


Don’t be afraid of the lending process. A RE/MAX Agent can help guide you through the home purchasing process and eliminate the fear!

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Americans Sold on Real Estate as Best Long-Term Investment


According to the latest Gallup poll, property owners apparently feel a house is worth MORE than its weight in gold…

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Realtor.com® Report: Higher Inventory a Welcome Sign for Spring Buyers


They’re ready for you, Buyers. Call a RE/MAX Agent today to start looking!

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More Banks Lower FICO Score Requirements


Banks are now competing to back off their previously significantly higher credit requirements, even for government loans.


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5 Signs That a Neighborhood is About to Take Off


An interesting article on locating neighborhoods where popularity, and property values, are on the rise.

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Boomerang Buyers Making Moves to Return to Home Ownership


"Some boomerang buyers heading back to the housing market may find they have to make down payments of at least 20 percent to qualify for a loan, but others are finding opportunities to put down as little as 3.5 percent or 5 percent."

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Sellers Getting Ahead of Spring Rush


Some sellers, anticipating higher inventory this year, are getting their home on the market now. If you would like to check out doing the same, talk to your RE/MAX agent!

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Target Data Breach Could Affect Real Estate Transactions


Another reason to monitor your credit report periodically: Massive data hacks can affect your ability to complete a home purchase!

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