The RE/MAX Interactive Training Calendar


There are two ways of doing everything – the old, traditional way, and the RE/MAX way! And training is no exception.


Instead of issuing a monthly training schedule and preparing for a large seminar-sized audience, we leave the scheduling and topics addressed in training up to you!


Each day, once in the morning and once in the afternoon, training is available for you for up to one hour on whatever topic you decide. And you decide if this session can be open to other agents, or is just for you, one-on-one.


Scheduling is done a week in advance (or more), so just let one of the RE/MAX Hosts know the date, which session you would like (see below), and even in which office you would like it to take place, and we’ll get it scheduled!


Training Session Times

Morning:        10:00 a.m. (in Springfield office)

Afternoon:     1:00 p.m. (if in Ozark office) or 2:00 p.m. (if in Springfield office)